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The Winchesters - College madfest!

So, it comes to every teen in the wonderful of world of Sim city when he or she must decide if they would like to go to college. It so happened that all seven 2nd gen Winchesters wanted in, and somehow, they all fit into a dorm together. And...the madness ensues.

Be warned! It will be sheer and utter madness beyond the cut of the page! 

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Dramatic chipmunk

Writer's Block - a comic concept

Alright, taking a brief break from le Winchesters for a moment to show case a couple of Fun Simmies.

Backdrop: Some time ago, an idea sprung into my head (one among thousands) to create a Sunday comic series with my sims, like my favorites Zits, Garfield or Bizzarro even. It was my way of shortening my previous ideas for creating a story by chapters (way too long termed for me and the time I don't have to spare), but then something a bit more than just picspamming. A similar example would be the bit I did with the Winchesters.

Anywho, once I gave the idea some thought, I figured it'd be funny setting the background as a room and the characters a bunch of writers who are stuck together writing a script or a sitcome. Something, that would drive them up the wall (hence the name for these comics Writer's Block). However, as Irony would have it, I became quite 'blocked' when I attempted to write several shorts.

So for now, I just have portraits I prepared as promos. I can't even find the details about them! Such shame >_< 

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The Winchesters - Sam's Wedding!

Ahoy! The day has come when Uncle Sam (hehe, the novelty will never die with that one) parts from the main family branch and starts his own with the beautiful Miss Heather Brown (I'm sure I featured her in an earlier post with her sister Billie). I usually don't go through hoops and loops for weddings, but I figured with my Winchesters I could make an exception.  :biggrin:

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The Sonoras - continued!

Alright, this was the second entry I posted on the forum. After that, things got really hectic and left me with little time to do anything at all. I believe the family is still where I last left it. I do hope to play with them soon :D 

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RON - Proud

The Sonoras

Backdrop: Alright, so on the sims 2 community forum they have a section for challenges and what not, and one day I felt intrigued and looked through them, finding one that I thought I could do.

Alright, so first day playing was just...sad. There are no other words for it Apparently, I'm rustier than a junked fifty year old car playing without any cheats...heh.

Family: Okay, so I might have not won that challenge, but he was a fun guy to start off with, hehe.

Tito Sonora

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The Silvanos

This sim family is actually based off of a character I created years ago for an rpg site. Over the years, he developed a relationship with another character who is roleplayed by a friend, and at one point in time, we had devised their future and decided that when the started having children...they would be hard pressed to stop. What does that mean? They woudl have a total of eight children.

So far however, since I haven't played them as much, I only have them half way there. Hopefully, I'll get to play them soon and get the rest of the kids in.

Anywho, enough yapping, onto pictures! 

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